Krystal We Heart It.

Lindsey Byrnes photographed Krystal Simpson! Does anyone know anything about this?!!!!!! Need to know! And how cute is the caption on that pic? Ugh!
" #Repost from @krystalsimpson So excited to have met this beautiful talented woman today!!! —- It was such an honor shooting with @lindseybyrnes today at her studio - aside from being one of the most talented photographers around, she also happens to be one of the coolest/nicest/most badass people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting ❤”
Krystal Simpson and Lindsey Byrnes. CAN. NOT. BREATHE.
Krystal Simpson 😍💘👌
Krystal Simpson and Steven Tyler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Krystal Simpson
Krystal Simpson when she was eighteen for her modeling book 😍💘
Krystal Simpson
Krystal Simpson skateboarding 😍
Krystal Simpson